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Bubb, Sis & Moss Lake Loop & Vista Trail


Just prior to reaching Eagle Bay (along highway NY 28), north of Old Forge is the trailhead for a trail to Bubb and Sis Lakes (and beyond to Moss Lake) and also a trail along the top of a ridge called the Vista Trail.  They start out together and split after about 0.2 miles.  Take some time to explore the Vista Trail. 


The trail to the three lakes is a very pleasant walk in the woods suitable for families.  It ascends about 200 feet and the walk to the nearest water is about 0.5 miles.  The walk to the stream that flows between Sis and Bubb lakes (where both are visible) is about 0.9 miles.  The total mileage for the whole loop including Moss Lake is 6.5 miles.  Look below for a shorter loop option.


The first lake you can come to is the southern tip of Bubb Lake.  Be careful not to follow the path straight down to its edge ignoring the marked trail which veers left.  The trail continues on to Sis Lake. 


After reaching Sis Lake, the trail now heads to the extensive bridge over the outflow of Sis into Bubb from which you can see both lakes.  From this point the trail follows along the north shore of Bubb Lake on its way toward the Moss Lake Loop Trail.  When you reach the "loop" trail you can either go right or left.  This trail takes you around Moss Lake.


When you return to the "loop", simply retrace your steps, following the trail that takes you past Bub & Sis Lake and back to the trailhead of NY 28.  For those looking for a much shorter hike, try doing just the loop around Moss Lake for a easy 2.5 mile loop hike.  There is a large marked trailhead along Big Moose Road.


If you are looking for a nice casual stroll in the woods with scenic lake views thrown in, then this hike could very well be worth the time to explore. 

Bubb, Sis & Moss Lake Loop & Vista Trail
Bubb, Sis & Moss Lake Loop & Vista Trail

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