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Remsen Falls


Remsen Falls isn't really a waterfall. It is nothing more than a few rapids along the South Branch Moose River in the Black River Wild Forest. It's still a scenic spot worth a visit for a picnic and is a popular camping spot along the mighty Moose River in the Adirondacks. We don't want you to be deceived by the name. We are not sure why anyone would call this little set of rapids a waterfall. Don't let this stop you from visiting this popular destination.


After the gates are open for Wolf Lake Landing Road (trail 99 on the map below), the hike is only a short 0.5 mile hike along a nice woods road. It's a real fun bike ride (all downhill) from the small parking area on Wolf Landing Road to Remsen Falls. You'll find the parking area 3.2 miles from the McKeever parking area along Wolf Lake Landing Road on the left.


From the small parking area on Wolf Lake Landing Road, follow the woods road past the gate and descend gently. At 0.2 miles reach a four way junction. This is the Woodhull Mountain Trail, which follows an old railroad bed. To the right the trail travels 4.5 miles the fire tower on Woodhull Mountain. To the left the trail heads 2.9 miles to the McKeever parking area. Go straight ahead and continue to descend.


At 0.5 miles you'll reach a small parking area for the disabled as well as a privy. There are herd paths to the right and the left. The path to the right leads to a scenic still water spot along the Moose River. A well worn path on the left travels along the Moose River downstream, past Remsen Falls 0.2 miles to a spot across the Remsen Falls Lean To and where Nicks Creek enters the Moose River. You'll also pass campsites as you walk the trail. There are numerous places that lead out to the river as well. This is a place that you probably won't be alone.



From Utica take NY 12 North to NY 28 North at Alder Creek. Just before the bridge over the Moose River in McKeever turn right off NY 28 onto McKeever Road. There is a large DEC sign at the intersection. Wolf Lake Landing Road veers right near the old train station and the gravel road crosses the trail tracks. You reach a large parking area with a huge kiosk in 0.5 miles from NY 28. This is the McKeever Parking Area.


There are two dirt roads that leave the large parking area. To the left is the Woodhull Mountain Trail and to the right is the Wolf Lake Landing Road. Take the dirt road on the right (usually open by early May) and drive 3.2 miles to a small parking area on the left for the Remsen Falls Trail. The road continues to Woodhull Lake and is a very busy dirt road. The GPS coordinates of the McKeever parking area is N43 36.747 W75 05.445. The GPS coordinates for the small parking area for the Remsen Falls Trail is N43 37.096 W75 02.165. Be sure you don't block the gate or road for access by the disabled.

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